1. Kit Technology for the Production and Long-Term Storage of Zr-89-PET Radiopharmaceuticals (PCT/US2019/015 109) Application claims novel methods that improve safety and long-term stability 89Zr-immuno-PET agents.
  2. Novel Chelation Strategies for Zirconium-89 (PCT/US2017/023101). Application claims the combination of novel chelation strategies involving tetraazamacrocycles and 89Zr precursors to produce radiometal chelates with extraordinary stability in vivo. This invention has significant impact on preclinical 89Zr radiopharmaceutical development and the translation of these radiopharmaceuticals for clinical use.
  3. Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals for Uveal and Metastatic Melanoma (PCT/US2016/031290). Application claims novel radiotherapies for the treatment of cutaneous and uveal melanoma.